Regis – St. Mary Foundation

2017 Honors at Entrance Grant Application

Regis – St. Mary Foundation was created for the purpose of promoting and furthering the development of Regis St. Mary Catholic School. The purpose of the Foundation includes, but is not limited to:

  • Receiving and administering funds for charitable, scientific and educational activities for the benefit of Regis St. Mary.

  • Conducting, supervising, and assisting in fundraising campaigns and programs for Regis St. Mary.

  • Giving, granting, and issuing scholarships to students for study at Regis St. Mary, and to graduates of Regis St. Mary for further study according to objective criteria, and other activities for the education, enjoyment and benefit of Regis St. Mary, their students, faculty and the general public.

The goal of the Regis – St. Mary Foundation is to build student enrollment through scholarships and financial aid, to stabilize school finances through a strong annual fundraising program, and to create a long-term endowment fund through direct gifts and planned estate.

The mission of the Regis – St. Mary Foundation is to enhance, promote and plan for the financial security of Regis St. Mary Catholic School.

The Foundation Board of Directors and Officers:

John Meldrum, President

Tom Fessler, Vice President

Jon Heuberger (‘89), Treasurer

Lindsey Zuber (‘00), Secretary

Ron Bochsler

Troy Gaul (‘88)

Lynda Harrington

Larry Keudell (‘77)

Maria Schmidlkofer

Ex-Officio Members

Rick Schindler, Regis St. Mary Principal

Sarah Woodley (‘01), Executive Director