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“It is our opportunity to return what was given to our children. We are grateful to God that we are able to do this.” – Dr. Tom & Greta Van Veen

A few years ago while updating our trust with an attorney, we discussed the option of setting aside a portion of the trust for Regis and St. Mary schools. All of our children had attended St. Mary and most had graduated from Regis, as had many of our grandchildren.

The schools’ founding fathers had the foresight to envision a Catholic grade school in the 1920s and years later the founding of Regis. It was with their generosity and vision that these schools were founded. We strongly feel that their legacy must be continued, for we have experienced the benefits of a Catholic education, not only for the students, but for the ever-growing community, as well.

Tom had 16 years of Catholic education from elementary through college. Greta did not attend Catholic school as a youth, so when our children started school, it was very near and dear to her heart that they have the privilege of attending Catholic schools. Because of many generous people, many young people who might not have had the chance to attend St. Mary and Regis were able to receive this education.

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