Auction FAQ

AUCTION Frequently Asked Questions

*Why should I donate?
The auction is Regis’s largest fundraiser and net proceeds are applied to the school’s operating budget. Without the support of fundraisers like the auction, we would be forced to increase tuition.

*How can I donate to the auction?
It’s easy! You can call the Auction Coordinator at 503.769.6243. Or download our Auction Donation Form for 2016, email your form to Events Coordinator at, or fax it to 503.769.1706, or mail your form to Regis High School, Attn: Auction Coordinator, 550 W. Regis, Stayton 97383. You can also stop by the Auction office during regular business hours with your donation.

*I’m not sure what to donate. What kinds of items would you like for the auction.
We are looking for everything from amazing vacation get-a-ways, relaxing spa packages, special bottles of wine, to fabulous dinner parties. Click here for our Auction Donation Wish List. If you would like to discuss an auction donation in detail, please contact Auction coordinator.

*When is the donation deadline?
Donations are due by September 4th. This may seem early, but donations must be entered into the computer system and submitted to the catalog committee in a timely manner. Please call the Auction office if you have questions – 503.769.6243.

*I would like to purchase tickets to the auction.
If you’d like to reserve tickets or a table, please call the Auction office at 503.769.6243 or email

*What is the suggested attire?
Rule of thumb is “Sunday Best”. However, there is no required dress code. We do request that no jeans be worn, please. Often times, the Auction chairs will invite guests to dress according to the theme.

*Can I volunteer?
Yes! We need you and it can be a fun, rewarding experience. There are many opportunities available for volunteers – help with decorations for the event; setting up and cleaning up; seeking donations and so much more! A committee chair list is available on the website. Take a look and see what piques your interest