Student Life

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Regis Students…are Enlightened by Faith…Exhibit Gospel Values…Master Academics…Connect with Others

All student activities—both curricular and extracurricular—- foster the mission of Regis High School and strive to  support  the faith, spirituality and development of each student.We encourage students to explore a variety of experiences as they progress through their four years at Regis High School.  A variety of clubs, programs and events are developed to give students an optimal, fun and unique educational experience.

The Campus Ministry Program is one way in which students can develop their God-given talents and use them for the service of others.  Activities  such as retreats, liturgies and community service are just some of the ways students connect with themselves, others and the broader community.

Over 93% of Regis students participate in at least one extracurricular activity lending credence to the mantra to GET INVOLVED!