Volunteer Opportunities

As always, we need you! We have a variety of needs, each with its own spirit and focus. Some are student oriented, others are development oriented. As you look through this list, we hope you will find an area that interests you.

We appreciate your willingness to help. This list of events was planned at the end of our last academic year. It may be necessary during the course of the year, to change or even cancel an event.

Of course, you are always welcome to contact Katie Koenig at 503-769-6243.

Volunteer Form

It is our hope that every family will sign up for at least one activity.

Areas to volunteer for the 2016-17 school year:


  • 1st Semester Play – (November 17-18-19)
  • 2nd Semester Musical – (March 9-10-11)

Special Events

  • Auction – October 15
  • Regis Open House – Sunday Jan. 29
  • Senior Banquet – Thursday, June 1
  • Regis Athletic Association (RAA) Projects 

Miscellaneous Needs

  • Provide luncheon dish for teachers and special occasions
  • Refreshments – for occasional meetings etc.
  • Dance Chaperones
  • Library Volunteer twice a month
  • Provide Luncheon Dishes for Teachers/Special Occasions
  • Freshmen Retreat Sept. 23
  • Sophomore Retreat Nov. 29
  • Junior/Senior Encounter Apr. 28-29-30
  • Senior Retreat May 15
  • Refreshments for occasional meetings, etc
  • Regis Athletic Association events