Lunch Program

The Regis High School lunch program is administered by the North Santiam School District Food Service. Most recent menu.

There are many choices available at the high school cafeteria. Applications for free or reduced lunches are available from NSSD Food Service.

If you qualify for free, lunch and breakfast are free.

If you qualify for reduced, breakfast is still free and lunch is 40 cents.

A full paid price is $1.00 for breakfast and $2.35 for lunch.

If you don’t know what category you are in feel free to call the Food Service Director (503-769-4115) or ask the Food Service Manager at the High School.

A main dish, plus fruits and vegetables (as much as you’d like) one dessert or bread product (if available) and one milk.

The fries are for purchase only and are not a part of the complete meal.

You may purchase any part of the lunch or a complete lunch.

If you are on free or reduced you must take at least 3 components to make a complete lunch. Components are bread, meat/meat alternate milk, fruits or vegetables. Starting School Year 2012-13 all students will be required to take ½ cup equivalent of fruit or vegetable to ensure a complete meal.

Please say your ID# or swipe your ID card to ensure that you get meals charged correctly. Please keep your number confidential.

All foods sold must meet strict nutritional guidelines.

Our goal is to not run out of choices for all of the lunches. If we are out of an item please inform the food service manager. She will do her best to accommodate your needs.