Class Reunions

We highly encourage all alumni to participate in their respective class reunions. The class reunions serve as a great medium in order to catch up with your fellow alumni, network, share stories or have a night out.

If you are interested in helping plan your class reunion celebration, you may contact the Advancement Office by phone (503-769-1705) or email We encourage you to host part or all of your reunion on the Regis campus.

Class Reunions for 2017:

Class of 2007 (10 years) September 8, 2017

Class of 1997 (20 years)

Class of 1987 (30 years)

Class of 1977 (40 years) September 9, 2017

There are many projects at Regis that could benefit from the support of our alumni. Here are some possible class reunion sponsored gifts:

  • Christ the King Alumni Chapel Kneelers $650
  • Regis Indoor Batting Facility Cage Net $900
  • Building a Legacy of Faith & Education Four Year Appeal for Regis St. Mary Catholic School and the Regis – St. Mary Foundation