Domestic Tuition Information for 2017-2018 School Year

Regis High School and St. Mary Catholic School in Stayton are collaborating to provide a combined tuition plan with a family discount for people with multiple children.

Without a Signed Pastor Form (for St. Mary students only)


Without a Signed Pastor Form

School      First Child     Second Child     Third Child    All Others

St. Mary     $5,850           $5,650               $5,450             $5,450

Regis           $7,750           $7,550               $7,350             $7,350


With a Signed Pastor Form (for St. Mary students only)

School      First Child      Second Child     Third Child      All Others

St. Mary     $4,825           $4,625                $4,425              $4,425

Regis          $7,750            $7,550                $7,350               $7,350


$150 non-refundable registration fee for each student.

$350 comprehensive fee for each Regis student.

The non-refundable registration fee is $200 after April 13.


International Student Tuition Information for 2017-2018 School Year

Regis High School offers limited enrollment to international students. International students pay the full cost to educate. For 2016/17 international tuition rate is $14,000. Additional fees apply for students needing specialized language instruction. Interested international students should contact AEEA for more information about attending Regis.

Financial Obligations

Parents are asked and expected to honor their financial obligation to Regis High School through the timely payment of tuition and fees. However, when RHS families experience severe financial situations, parents should contact the school office to as soon as possible to discuss possible adjustments in scheduled tuition payments with the Principal.

Payment Options:

Full tuition payments are due on or before August 31. Paid directly to Regis High School.

Installment payments are also available through FACTS. These options entitle the responsible party to budget payments throughout the year through FACTS. This allows the family to pay by semester, quarterly or monthly through the FACTS Management Company. Payments will occur on a regular schedule until the tuition due is paid in full. You can arrange the installment of tuition payments.

Financial Aid and Tuition Adjustments

Applications are to be completed and submitted online through the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment website. Any parent who does not have access to a computer or who needs help completing the online application can get assistance by contacting Mrs. O’Bryant at Regis by phone at 503-769-2159.

You can create a FACTS account and then access the FACTS online application for financial assistance for RHS tuition.

Upon receiving a completed application for financial assistance, the principal will review the application and determine what amount and type of assistance will be offered.  This is a fair and confidential process.