Admissions Process

Incoming Ninth Graders and New Students:

1.  Download, print and fill out all the applicable admissions forms.

2.  Make an appointment for an interview with an administrator by contacting 503-789-6503 or

3.  Fill out tuition assistance application , if applicable (click here) – NOTE: apply after admission is approved

4.  Submit application and registration fee.

Returning Students:

1.  Fill out the online registration forms (click here).

2.  Fill out course forecast form (Mid-April).

3.  Fill out tuition assistance application, if applicable (click here).

3.  Submit registration forms and registration fee.

Transfer Students:

1. Download, print and fill out the Student Intent to Transfer Certificate.

2. Make an appointment to visit our school.

3.  Download, print and fill out the applicable 2017-2018 Forms