Regis St. Mary Strategic Plan

The Regis Board of Directors and St. Mary Catholic School Advisory Council have voted on and approved a new corporate name for the school system: REGIS ST. MARY CATHOLIC SCHOOL. Effective July 1, 2017, Regis St. Mary Catholic School will operate on two campuses, the Regis High School Campus and the St. Mary Catholic School Campus.

The new Regis St. Mary Board of Directors, effective July 1, 2017, has been approved by Archbishop Sample. The new board members are:

Randy Bentz is the Technical Services Manager for Norpac Foods in Stayton. He is a Regis graduate and retired military officer. Randy is a member of Immaculate Conception Church and plays guitar for the church music ministry. He has five children who are or have gone through Catholic education. He is the current Regis Board of Directors Chairman.

Steffanie Diacetis is a product support supervisor for Garmin Industries in Salem. She graduated from St. Mary and Regis and has two children, both of whom are in St. Mary. Steffanie is a member of Immaculate Conception Church and has served in various volunteer capacities for the school and parish, most notably chair of the St. Mary Auction for three years.

Ryan Frank is the general manager of the Oregon Pallet Company and is a Regis graduate. He has two children in our Catholic schools and is a member of St. Boniface Church. He a current St. Mary School Advisory Council member.

Sue Harteloo is a small business owner (Postal Connections). She is an Immaculate Conception Church member and her children went through our Catholic schools some time ago.

Karen Hendricks is an inventory auditor for Costco, Inc. in Salem. She has three children in Catholic school and is a St. Mary/Regis graduate. Karen is a member of Immaculate Conception Church and served for multiple years as a St. Mary Parent Club board member.

Nick Hennemann is a lawyer and public affairs specialist. Nick has five children, the oldest in St. Mary. Nick is a member of St. Boniface Church is currently on the Regis Board Accreditation Committee.

Darcie Hubert is a Marion County probation and parole officer. She has two children at St. Mary and is a St. Mary/Regis graduate. Darcie is an Immaculate Conception Church member and volunteers for the school and various other non-profit organizations.

Julie Lulay is an accountant with Norpac Foods and a member of St. Boniface Church. Her children attended our schools as did she. Julie has extensive experience managing budgets.

Tyler Lulay (no relation to Julie) is a financial planner with Lulay Financial, LLC and is a St. Mary/Regis graduate. He has three children, the oldest of whom is attending St. Mary. Tyler is an Immaculate Conception Church member.

Dr. BC Nelson is a dentist with his own office in Stayton and his son is currently enrolled at St. Mary. BC has been involved with St. Mary for many years (even before having his own son) doing dental presentations to our students.

Art Papathanasopoulos is an organic farmer in Jordan. He grew up in South Africa and Greece and went to university in England and Scotland where he earned degrees in Mathematics, Accounting, and an MBA. He and his wife decided about ten years ago to become organic farmers and ended up in our area. Their two children are enrolled in St. Mary and his family attends Our Lady of Lourdes.

Anthony Schacher is an electrical engineer and works as the Engineering and Operations Manager for Salem Electric. Three of his four children attend St. Mary. Tony is a member of Immaculate Conception Church. He and his family have a strong commitment to service in the community.

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church Pastor


Catholic Sentinel “St. Mary and Regis to Merge”