Mission Statement and Philosophy

Mission Statement:

Regis Catholic High School is a welcoming community where faith enhances academic excellence as we prepare students to become servant leaders in their families, schools, churches, and communities.


Regis High School is a Catholic school deeply rooted in the teachings of Christ the King. Students explore religious experiences in a setting where Gospel values are understood and Christian behavior is expected. While recognizing parents as the primary teachers of their children, Regis commits to a partnership with the family in fostering the personal growth and accountability of each student spiritually, intellectually and physically. The school is committed to challenge each student to develop his/her abilities and talents for use in service to the community and the larger world. Regis values its tradition of promoting student success and is dedicated to collaborating with all in an effort to further the mission of the school. We strive to be accessible for all students.

Regis High School Integral Student Outcomes (ISOs)

A Regis Catholic High School student honors his/her personal and educational responsibilities by committing the time and effort necessary to accomplish the following student outcomes:

Becomes enlightened through faith evidenced by:

  1. Striving toward knowledge and a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ
  2. Knowing Catholic teachings/tradition
  3. Respecting people of other faiths

Exhibits Gospel values evidenced by:

  1. Displaying and strengthening Gospel values in relationships with family, Church, school and community
  2. Modeling Christian leadership through service, word and example
  3. Making ethical and moral decisions based on Catholic teachings

Masters academic skills across disciplines necessary for success in college and career evidenced by:

  1. Using technologies confidently as a tool to access, value and interpret information
  2. Thinking logically, critically, and creatively to solve problems and communicate effectively
  3. Taking initiative and demonstrating perseverance to accomplish academic goals
  4. Exhibiting intellectual integrity consistently

Connects with others evidenced by:

  1. Working independently and as a team member
  2. Engaging in co-curricular and community activities
  3. Growing as Christian leaders and servants in family, Church, school, and community